Testimonials and Reviews

Bruce was extremely thorough in his inspection, his report and his follow up
(making sure we didn't have any unanswered questions). We are 100% satisfied.
Other home inspectors may be cheaper, but we definitely feel we got our
money's worth. We highly recommend Eagle Eye Professional Home Inspection.
Erika and Charles, Dix Hills, NY

Bruce W. inspected two homes for us. He is terrific. Bruce was prompt and the
inspections were extremely thorough. I do not know much about home repair,
but I could easily understand Bruce's concerns. What really impressed me
though was that he produced a comprehensive and easily understandable 50-
page report for each house in less than one day. Those reports really helped my
wife and I decide whether to move forward.
I strongly recommend Bruce at Eagle Eye. He's one of the best professionals I've
ever hired in ANY field.
Todd, Merrick, NY

Best money you can spend when buying a house.  I would give more stars if I
could.  Bruce was very diligent and detailed with all aspects of his inspection
and reporting process.  Each issue was reported accurately with supporting
pictures as back-up.  The report listed primary concerns, safety concerns as well
as general maintenance issues that need to be addressed.  Even if all the issues
are not addressed by the current owner, Bruce has made me aware of these
issues which leaves very little concern for surprises afterwards.
Larry, Franklin Square, NY

Worth every penny. Bruce is incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and personable
and his follow up is to notch. I was amazed at the detail his report contains and
his willingness to explain items further is much appreciated. We received
everything we could have asked for and more; a rare treat. I highly recommend.
John, Old Bethpage, NY

My wife and I had a great experience using Bruce to inspect our house before
we signed contracts. Bruce was thorough, on time, efficient, and patient taking
time to explain specifics to us. We received our inspection report the same day
which helped move the buying process along quickly. The organization and
detail in his report was also very helpful. I would highly recommend Bruce to any
future home buyer.
John, East Norwich, NY

There is truly nothing I can say about Bruce other than AMAZING.  He exceeded
all of my and my husband's expectations (and my mother in law) on a home
inspection we did for a potential home purchase.  We were blown away with his
attention to detail, his expertise on specific things he saw, and the way he made
us feel incredibly comfortable.  He came from our friends who used him for their
home, and we would recommend him to anyone!
Morgan, Merrick, NY

I highly recommend Eagle Eye Professional Home Inspection.  Bruce was a
pleasure to meet and extremely patient and thorough.  He was well equipped
and extremely knowledgeable.  He seems to be naturally a very enjoyable
person to be around.  I really felt like he was earning every cent of his very fair
price.  He went over every inch of the property and took the time to explain each
of the issues and differentiate the major ones from the minor.  He took the
stress out of the process and has made himself constantly available.  I can’t
imagine finding better service than this.  The whole experience was a real
Mike, Wantagh

My wife and I recently had an inspection done by Bruce on a house that we're
looking to purchase. A good friend of mine sent me Bruce's way. Although my
friend sang Bruce's praises, Bruce still managed to exceed my expectations.
I wasn't sure what to expect going into the inspection - my wife and I would be
first time home owners, without extensive knowledge on the technical elements
of a home. Bruce arrived early to the inspection on a rainy Sunday morning (the
morning after daylight savings, to boot!). He was extremely pleasant to work with
- not only for his knowledge, but he seems a great guy with a good sense of
humor. This was key for a new home owner that could easily be intimidated by an
inspection and everything it entails. The inspection itself was extensive. My wife
and I followed him throughout the house, and he stopped and explained
everything he was doing in detail, in a way that novices like us could
understand. He made sure that we understood and always asked if we had
questions. The entire inspection took around 3 hours, and while my eyes started
glazing over with all the detail around the time we hit hour 2, Bruce remained
focused, engaged and energetic throughout the entire inspection.
After the inspection, Bruce told us we would have a detailed report "within" 24
hours. I was expecting the report to appear sometime Monday afternoon (in my
experience, when companies or contractors tell you they'll send you something
within 24 hours, you usually get what you need sometime the next day). Just
about 3-4 hours afterwards, I received the email with his report, along with a text
to confirm that I received it. This wasn't a basic report. It was a detailed
inventory of everything we walked through, accompanied with photos and
graphics. Going through a 3 hour inspection, it's very easy to forget some of
what you saw. This report covered it all, and was easy to go through and provide
to our Realtor. I was pretty shocked when I received a report of that quality so
quickly. Bruce even called the day after he provided the report to check
whether I had any questions.
As you can tell, I was very happy with Bruce's inspection. Not only do I feel
confident I understand the condition of the home, but I learned a lot that will be
beneficial to me in the future. I would recommend him to anyone looking to
purchase a house, especially if they are a first time home owner or not as
experienced in the "behind the scenes" items that are so crucial to purchasing a
Tom, Garden City, NY

Outstanding Customer service!! Bruce Weller is a true professional and
extremely detail oriented. His attention to detail reflected in every step he took
while inspecting our new home. I would definitely recommend Bruce for a home
inspection. Even after the inspection Bruce was a phone call away with any
questions we had. He went above and beyond to ensure we felt assured with his
findings. Bruce's meticulous manner of working is commendable.
Manisha, Dix Hills

Bruce’s knowledge is very impressive. His attention to detail is second to none.
He gets on ladders, climbs into attics, and answers any questions. He gave us
our report within hours of his inspection!! I would use him again and again.
Marianthe, Babylon, NY

I don't think I've ever met anyone as good at their job as Bruce is at being a
Home Inspector. Seriously. He is thorough, knowledgeable, patient, kind, and
even funny. He basically educates you on how to be a homeowner while he finds
out if the home is worth purchasing. His advice, recommendations, and insights
were completely invaluable to me and my fiance. Hopefully I don't have to look at
another home during my search, but I will never use another inspector. Bruce is
the absolute best in the business.
Nick, Rocky Point, NY

If you wanna know the ins and outs of your potential new home call Bruce!!! He is
a professional inspector that is thorough, knowledgeable, courteous and
precise. He is meticulous in his inspections. We didn’t purchase a home that he
inspected because of his findings. We also are going to request his services
again for the inspection of another home. We highly recommend Bruce to
anyone looking for the most detailed and accurate inspection.
Ingrid, Plainview, NY

We highly recommend Bruce from Eagle Eye Professional Home Inspection. He
has an incredible eye for detail. He took the time to explain what he was looking
for and what should be done to address any deficiencies he found. He was very
methodical in his inspection and pointed out many issues and improvements
that could be made. He also went above and beyond in walking the seller of the
home through the deficiencies and helping the seller understand how to
address them, which greatly benefits us. Overall, we were extremely satisfied
with the job Bruce did.
Sharon, Manhasset, NY

If you want a home inspector who is knowledgeable, thorough, honest and treats
the inspection like he would be living in the home, look no further!  Bruce came
highly recommended to us and it does not take long to figure out why.  He did a
great job and we look forward to passing him on to anyone we know who needs
a home inspection.
Peter, Bay Shore, NY

Bruce was amazing. He was extremely thorough, answered all of our questions
by text, email, phone any time of the day. He was there for us when there was a
concern even after our inspection. He was absolutely the best and I would
recommend him to any and all of my friends buying  a home!! Thank you, Bruce!
Alexa, Centerport NY

Bruce inspected a house that my wife and I ultimately purchased.  He was very
thorough and professional throughout the process.  Not only was he
knowledgeable, he freely provided his insight while I followed him during the
inspection.  Which also brings me to another point that was refreshing; Bruce
recommends that I follow him throughout the inspection so I would better
understand his findings in the report.  His report was sent promptly; he happily
answered questions about it and provided some additional resources we
inquired about.  If we ever need inspection services again, he would be our first
and only call.
Yun, Glen Cove, NY

Bruce from Eagle Eye was a true professional. He made sure that no room for a
misunderstanding presented itself. Prior to the inspection he made certain that I
understood and was comfortable with his service. He thoroughly explained
everything that he saw during the inspection. About 7 hours after the inspection,
I had a detailed report. He also followed up with me to answer any questions that
I had. It was a pleasure working with Eagle Eye. If you’re looking for a
professional home inspection, Eagle Eye should be at the top of your list of
inspectors to contact.
David, Bayville, NY

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Bruce Weller in the
inspection of a house we are interested in purchasing today.
He was courteous, professional and very knowledgeable.
He did not hesitate to answer any questions my husband or I had.
We would not hesitate to recommend him in the future to any friends/family
members who may need a house inspection.
Danielle, Islandia, NY

Bruce was wonderful and very thorough. He helped me with any questions I had
and made sure I was aware of everything during the entire inspection.
Rachel, Bethpage, NY

Great experience. Very thorough and detailed inspection, answered all our
concerns. Bruce Weller is extremely professional and very nice gentleman!
Definitely recommend.
Luisa, Locust Valley, NY

I am buying a home and I can't say enough great things about Bruce! His
response time is quick, from initial communication to turnaround time of his
report. He is SO thorough and doesn't miss a beat! He's extremely
knowledgeable. He is so nice and takes his work very seriously while
maintaining a great sense of humor. He made the experience fun!  My Realtor
will now be recommending him to clients. He took pictures of everything and
termite inspection is included in his cost. Money well spent. Great, great job!!!
Denise, Huntington Station, NY

Bruce Weller put us at ease in purchasing our new house.  I am a stickler for
time, however, he already was there, and had begun the process of inspecting
the exterior, the driveway, the sidewalk, the garage, before the agent or I
showed up.  Mr. Weller was extraordinarily thorough, and you really have a good
sense of what you are considering purchasing.  I have purchased a house
before, and the previous inspector was not as complete, nor did I trust the
inspection report as much.  We did make the purchase, but with a much better
sense of what we were buying.  His reports are detailed, professional and
thorough, complete with pictures, arrows, circles, highlighting what he has told
me regarding the condition of the house.  Note taking by me was unnecessary.  I
learned a lot in the hours that Mr. Weller and I spent at our future house.  I will
use his written report as a guide, both in immediate, and long term home
Jim, Floral Park, NY

Overall excellent experience and would 100% recommend to anyone.  Bruce did
two inspections for me on different occasions and both times he showed up
early, was extremely thorough, and sent me the complete report same day. Eagle
Eye will definitely help you make the right decision when buying a home. The
best part is, by the time you are done with the walk through with Bruce, you'll
know more about the home you are considering purchasing than the home
owner! Don't waste your time looking for other Home Inspectors, Eagle Eye is the
way to go.
Mike, Stony Brook, NY

What would I have done without Bruce Weller! As a single woman buyer of a
home, even though it’s my second time. I appreciated his honesty and
willingness to answer my phone calls. He sent a detailed report with photos that
I used to negotiate with the seller what I thought needed to be fixed, I called
Bruce for his thoughts, he was willing to give advice and help me prioritize
repairs. The negotiations went well because of his photos and report which I
constantly referred to throughout the process. He will teach you everything you
need to know about the house you are going to turn into a home. He is worth the
Stacey, Bay Shore, NY

Bruce Weller is professional, detail oriented, thorough and provided us with all
the information we needed in order to make one of the most important decisions
we’ve ever made in our lives...purchasing our home.
Chris, Bethpage, NY

Excellent communication from Bruce and a great education for us to make an
informed decision.  Amazing customer service. Report was very detailed and
served as a guide to both communicate with the seller and to help us know
exactly what needs to be taken care of.
Dimitrios, Glen Cove, NY

Bruce was thorough, and overall did an excellent job!  He was a pleasure to deal
with, and very informative! The report was finished and emailed the same day,
He comes highly recommended!
Mallory, West Islip, NY

We were impressed with how thorough Bruce was. He took his time and made
sure nothing was neglected. During the inspection he was constantly explaining
himself and what we as homeowners should look out for. The report was
comprehensive, well documented, detailed and included helpful pictures. Plus,
the report was emailed to us just a few hours after the actual inspection was
Andrew, Melville, NY

Bruce is great. Very professional, Quick turnaround with fully detailed inspection
report, always available for follow up questions. I was there for the inspection
with him and he is extremely thorough. Thank you for a great job.  Made the
process easy and smooth. Highly recommend.
John, Manhasset, NY

I first crossed paths with Bruce about 6 years ago.  I'm a Realtor and I had a
buyer who needed a home inspection done on a property he was purchasing.
The inspector the home buyer was using was Bruce from Eagle Eye Home
Inspection. Bruce arrived as scheduled and did a thorough top to bottom, inside
and out inspection.  Practically no outlet or screw in the home went unchecked.
Along with doing his inspection, Bruce also explained every detail step by step
of what was being checked and why. The following morning the buyer had a fully
detailed, professionally put together report.  From what that buyer told be,
Bruce's price for the inspection was very fair.
Another time after that I had another buyer who needed an inspection and I
recommended Bruce.  They were also very pleased and gave me good feedback
on him.
Eagle Eye Home Inspection has since then become my first choice to refer to
buyers, as recently as this week.   The services are top of the line, professional,
and friendly. And Bruce makes himself available if any questions come up after
the inspection.
This is an experienced, honest inspector who I highly recommend!
Mike, Middle Village, NY

Strongly recommended. Bruce's inspection was thorough, and the report
very detailed and helpful to spot all the issues in the house. Bruce was
also very helpful afterwards, offering honest suggestions.
Francesca, Glen Cove

Bruce W. Came today and inspected the house my husband and I are interested
in buying.  We were very impressed with the depth of his knowledge and
experience.  We received his report within hours on the same day.  It was very
thorough and detailed.  During the inspection, he not only pointed out the bad
things but he was fair in that he pointed out those that were good too. His report
helped us negotiate the final points of our contract with the seller and it also
helped us with how to maintain the house after we buy it.
Helene and Dennis, Plainview, NY

Bruce is very professional and does a thorough job. We used another service
before but he went above and beyond and was very detail oriented.
Monica, Manhasset, NY

Superior work, wouldn't use anyone else
Jeremy, Old Bethpage, NY

Bruce Weller did the inspection of my home and I was very satisfied with his
work. Bruce was thorough and also very knowledgeable. He was very sweet and
friendly and explained everything to us as he was inspecting the house. He also
provided us with an extensive report afterwards. I would definitely recommend
Bruce to anyone looking for a thorough and professional home inspection.
Amanda, Farmingdale, NY

The inspection and report were extremely detailed and thorough. Bruce is
incredibly responsive.  Great follow-up.
Robert, Huntington, NY

I would like to share a review with all first time home buyers and all buyers in
general. Today we had our first home inspection and we couldn't be happier with
the amount of meticulous work our inspector Bruce Weller did on our potential
new home. We were greeted with a smile and an offering of water and snacks if
we wanted anything because he was going to take his time with our potential
home. He thoroughly walked through the house with all of his gadgets and
explained everything in detail. We received our report within hours of leaving
the home. We highly recommend him for anyone who needs an inspection.
Nicole, Levittown, NY

Bruce inspected our new home for us and gave us a very detailed report within
the same day. During the inspection, he gave us a walk-through of what he was
looking for and pointed out any items that needed attention. This was highly
appreciated since the owner was also present, and immediately fixed the items
per Bruce's recommendations. For example, he saved us a lot of money as one
of his recommendations was to insulate the frozen pipes and seal and insulate
the crawl space which the owner remediated. He followed up the next day after
sending the report to see if I had any questions. I would highly recommend
Bruce to anyone I know and will use him again in the future. Thanks Bruce!
Jennifer, Forest Hills, NY

Bruce was recommended to us by our real estate broker after we made an offer
on (now) our current home about 3 months ago. I remember calling him to ask
about the details of the inspection and I was immediately impressed from his
answers as a dedicated and experienced inspector. On the day of the inspection
he did above and beyond, explained everything to us and caught some issues
that we were not aware of which really helped us through the following
negotiations. He is extremely detailed oriented and very very thorough. The
report was comprehensive and helpful and Bruce was always available to
answer questions over the phone or via emails. I highly recommend Bruce for
your home inspection. He is worth it.
Ehud, Plainview, NY

Bruce was hired by the people who bought my home. I hired Bruce to inspect the
new home I built. On both ends of the spectrum, he was extremely professional,
explained everything and answered any and all questions.
The report issued after inspection is extremely thorough and received in a
timely fashion. It contains pictures to detail points to be made.
Whether buying or selling, you can't go wrong with Eagle Eye Professional Home
Inspection. I highly recommend Bruce.
Sharon, Hicksville, NY

Bruce was very thorough and answered all my questions. I liked the summary
section as well as the pictures with arrows indicating concerns. It made the
document very easy to navigate. Overall, I had a very positive experience and
would use Eagle Eye again.
Mirnova, Seaford, NY

We had such a wonderful experience working with Bruce!  Even though it was
snowing on the day of our home inspection, Bruce arrived early and inspected
the outside of the home before we even got there.  Bruce made sure to
thoroughly inspect every room of the home and warn us of potential hazards.  
Bruce also explained why certain things could lead to issues down the line and
was very responsive to our countless questions.  Bruce had such a great
attitude/sense of humor which made the home inspection more enjoyable.  
Despite the fact that the inspection took several hours, Bruce still provided us
with a thorough 58-page report that night outlining the big and small issues he
discovered during the inspection.  Bruce saved us from buying a home that had
a lot of issues and we cannot thank him enough for that!  We will certainly use
Bruce for our next home inspection!
Questions I didn’t even know I had were answered before I asked them. Bruce is
the best!!
Helena, Massapequa Park and Wantagh, NY

Bruce was responsive and quickly worked with us to get the inspection
scheduled. He was detailed and didn’t miss a thing. He also provided great
advice. I highly recommend him.
David, Jericho, NY

Bruce is very well detailed on his inspections.  He takes his time and goes
through every inch of the house to find everything whether it's major and minor.  
Money well spent and will recommend him to anyone that needs a home
Andy, New Hyde Park, NY

Bruce was highly detailed and provided a thorough inspection. He was also able
to explain things to us in a way that we would understand. I appreciated how
timely he provided the report and his follow-up to check if we had any further
questions. I really felt like Bruce cared about our future home as much as we do.
The cost was completely worth it. This is one of those inspections where you'll
know everything; nothing about your home's upcoming repairs should be a
surprise after Bruce's inspection!
R.T. Woodbury, NY

Bruce was absolutely wonderful.  He came promptly, did a very thorough
inspection and pointed out issues that may arise when we bought the house.  
We felt comfortable purchasing our home after our inspection knowing that we
had the best do it!
Jason, North Bellmore, NY

Eagle Eye scores a 10/10 when it comes to home inspections. Bruce was
extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. We highly recommend his
Fabiola, Merrick, NY

My husband and I hired Bruce to inspect the home that we are buying. We
couldn't have been happier with his work. He was extremely thorough and spent
over three hours going through the house with my husband and explaining
everything we needed to know about the house. Within a few hours after the
inspection we had a full report, and the next day he called to follow up with us to
see if we had any questions. He even came back to the house to re-check an
issue. I highly recommend Bruce.
Jessica, Oyster Bay, NY

Bruce was very thorough and detailed.  We are confident that he found all of the
potential issues with the home.  We would definitely use him again and
recommend him to other home buyers.
Jasmine, Massapequa, NY

Bruce Weller is so nice, professional and thorough. I'd like to recommend him to
everyone who needs a house inspection. I feel so lucky to meet him.
Jinglei, Coram, NY

The inspection and report were extremely detailed. Bruce did a fantastic job.  
Inspection was done thoroughly and all deficiencies were explained in great
detail.  Highly recommend.
Louis, East Setauket, NY

We hired Bruce to do the inspection on a house we wanted to buy. He did a
great job. Very thorough, going through all the big and small things on the house
and taking all the time needed to check everything properly. He explained
everything very clearly. He did a very good and extensive report and we had
follow up calls with him. Always friendly and very professional. Totally
Fran, East Northport, NY

Bruce was wonderful. He was very thorough and took the time to explain
everything as we went through the house. He also wasn't afraid to go the extra
mile and get dirty by crawling into the basement's dirt crawl space. I would
definitely use Bruce again and would recommend him to everyone!
Lauren, Massapequa Park, NY

Bruce went above and beyond what is expected! Even pointed out some
improvements we should make to maintain the house in better condition longer
that are not necessarily needed and again because we have no 'construction'
knowledge it will definitively save us money long term. Bruce doesn't just do his
job and what is required, he goes above and beyond, punctual, professional,
amazing attention to details. The reports he provides leaves no room for error
for even inexperienced people like us. Just superb, would recommend to
Kate, Bayshore, NY

Bruce was very professional and helpful.  He took his time to review all of the
details of the house.  He was very patient, even though I had a boat load of
questions.  He took his time to discuss every question and concern.  I would
definitely recommend Bruce to anyone who needs an inspection.
Ben, Islip, NY

Excellent excellent excellent A+++ Bruce truly cares and is super
knowledgeable. He takes his time and is very thorough looking at every square
inch of the property and isn't afraid to get dirty. He's super friendly and funny.
Explains every thing he's doing every step of the way and answers any and all
questions. Super quality I have full confidence in all his observations. You would
be foolish to use anybody but him. Will be highly recommended.
Sal, Seaford, NY

Eagle Eye Professional Home Inspection was wonderful! Bruce Weller was very
thorough and had an attention to detail. He was able to convey potential issues
to us in a manner which we could easily understand. I would highly recommend
their services to anyone who is looking for a home inspector.
Lindsay and Jonathan, Merrick, NY

The report is very thorough and easy to understand and picture the items
commented upon. Bruce is extremely courteous, thorough, instructive, and
totally committed to the customer's (buyer's) satisfaction and success.
Barry and Rhonda, Melville, NY

The inspection was extremely thorough. The inspection report had a nice layout
and is user friendly. Bruce allowed us to walk around with him and explained
everything in great detail. He really made sure we knew about every detail of the
home. We are extremely pleased with our inspection.
Marlaina and Michael, West Islip, NY

Just had our inspection done by Bruce and it was a very pleasant experience.
Bruce explained literally everything he was going to do over the phone and
answered any questions I had. He was a little more expensive than our other
option, but he was so thorough over the phone & made me feel extremely
comfortable. Ultimately, that is why we chose him. He arrived before we did (we
were 10 minutes early) and had already checked in with the homeowners and
was looking around the property. Bruce was thorough, explained every detail,
took his time, and was an all-around nice guy. I could tell he really enjoys the
inspection process and wants to give the buyer the best information to make an
informative decision about buying any house. I trust him and that is the most
important part. Highly highly recommend.
Bryan, Massapequa, NY

Eagle Eye did a fantastic job on my recent home purchase. He not only gave me
the peace of mind we needed but also saved me some money in the process.
Having used other inspectors for prior purchases, I would not hesitate for a
second to recommend Eagle Eye to anyone who asked me. Even the seller was
impressed with the depth of knowledge that was displayed.
Mark, Plainveiw, NY

The inspection service and report was very detailed and explains everything
little aspect that was inspected.
Vijai, New Hyde Park, NY

Bruce was extremely thorough.  He took the time to explain every single detail to
us, and was a great educator for first time home buyers! I will be referring Bruce
to any friends or family that are looking to buy a home.
Laura, Deer Park, NY

Very professional and informative service, Bruce is very knowledgeable and left
no stone unturned.
Emanuel, Syosset, NY

Extremely friendly customer experience and meticulous attention to detail.
Tyler, Calverton, NY

Bruce Weller is an excellent home inspector. We purchased a brand new
construction home and was on the fence about performing an inspection, but
was certainly glad that we did. His inspection is quite thorough and we received
a detailed report with photos in less than 4 hours after the inspection. Bruce is
professional and very knowledgeable in his trade, and was able to answer all of
our questions in detail. We were very pleased that we chose him to do this home
inspection for us and will definitely recommend his services to others.
Jacqueline, Farmingville, NY

The inspection and report were very thorough and professional.
It was an outstanding inspection and covered all possible aspects of site.
Al, Westbury, NY

Bruce is excellent. He thoroughly checked all areas of the home while explaining
all tests he performed. Any concerns he came across he took clear photos and
presented them in a very professional report that he emailed to me that day!
Highly recommend to anyone purchasing a home and in need of an inspection.
Wade, Plainview, NY

Bruce gave a very professional and efficient home inspection. He checked all
the necessities, if not more, and was really detail oriented about his
explanations. All the pros and cons of the potential home were explained. Any
potential concerns were raised. He even knew of past issues with the building. I
would highly recommend Bruce Weller.
Lily, Williston Park, NY

The most appropriately named home inspection service - 'Eagle Eye' really did
see everything.  Bruce was extremely helpful, and went above and beyond the
call of duty for the job. He caught the smallest of details and documented/
photographed everything that I as a home buyer wanted to know before
purchasing. After he completed the walk-through, both my agent - and the
seller's agent agreed that he was one of the best they had seen in the business.
Bruce sent me the full report back faster than I expected, and it listed every
detail along with his thoughts and recommendations. His list helped me
determine the maintenance I wanted to have done in the immediate, medium and
long term - which is great for planning repairs.
I highly recommend Eagle Eye Professional Home Inspection!
Greg, Huntington, NY

The report was clear and easy to understand. It also had pictures as proof of any
items regarding the house that were issues. My inspector was always available
to answer any questions that I had.  This inspector does great work and offers
complete service even after the inspection. I would highly recommend him.
Candace and Neil, Queens Village, NY

The inspection was very meticulous and the report was clear with lot of pictures
and details explaining every detail. Bruce is a very detailed oriented inspector.
He obviously takes a lot of pride in his work and very knowledgeable. He
provides a detailed explanation for every question or doubt we may have about
the condition of the house and does not rush through his work. Bruce is very
experienced and does not hesitate to get his hands dirty (literally) to ensure he
provides a thorough analysis of the health of the house he inspects.
Lata, Dix Hills, NY

The inspection report is extremely easy to understand. Everything correlated
with what was pointed out to me by the inspector during the inspection. Pictures
with arrows show the concern areas clearly.  Bruce is highly responsive and
completely accessible for all questions related to his home inspection report.
Glenn, Farmingville, NY

Bruce Weller did a great job inspecting the home my husband and I are
interested in buying. He made sure to address our concerns and also went
above and beyond.  He was very thorough  and professional.  He used
photographs during the inspection which we didn't expect, but thought was a
great add on!  He made sure to address everything and even more then the
usual we heard happens at a home inspection.  Our report was sent to us in a
timely matter as well.  We are definitely happy we used this company. We would
definitely recommend this company to others.
Jen, Islip, NY

I have used Bruce and his group numerous times as well as recommending him
to other home and building buyers. Our experiences with him have always been
excellent.  Bruce is professional, highly efficient and incredibly detailed
highlighting potentially costly items as well as those that may be an issue in the
future affording us greater leverage and knowledge in our property purchases.  
Myself, my friends, family and partners highly recommend him and his service.
Chip, Huntington Bay, NY

Eagle Eye is one of the most professional inspectors around.  Being in the real
estate business, I feel confident recommending them to my buyers and sellers.
Marie Salerno, Douglas Elliman Real Estate

I was referred to this company by a friend of a friend. Bruce performed an
inspection on the home my husband and I are looking to purchase just
yesterday. He was extremely thorough, helpful and friendly and made us feel
very comfortable that we were making an informed decision. I would certainly
recommend their services.
Toni Anne, East Northport, NY

The inspection was very thorough, and everything was explained to us in great
Laura, Farmingdale, NY

Mr. Weller provides a prompt, courteous and professional service.  He was very
thorough and informative during the process.  Arrived on time and even
scheduled a termite inspection during the same period.  A very fast turnaround
for the actual report, including photographs and I was very impressed that he
included thermal imaging during the inspection to detect abnormal cold/hot
spots and check ac/heating performance.  Provided a follow-up call and was
readily available for questions later on.  I would definitely recommend Eagle Eye
and Mr. Weller to anyone needed a home inspection!
Alex, Bayville, NY

My wife and I were in the process of purchasing our first home. We needed a
home inspection for the house we thought was our "dream home". Bruce Weller
came highly recommended from a colleague. Since this was our first time going
through this process, I did not know what to expect. Bruce walked me through
every square foot of the home (as well as outside of it), and took the time to
show me in detail what issues to look for. He explained the entire process, and I
learned a lot from the experience. He has state of the art equipment that showed
me troubled spots that I would not be aware of; and within 24 hours I had a
detailed report that outlined all of the issues with the home. Sadly this home was
not right for us. Bruce found issues that would have cost us a lot more than the
house was worth to repair. He literally saved me a small fortune, as well as a ton
of stress and future problems. In addition, I now know what to look for when we
find our next "dream home". I highly recommend him.
Paul, Oceanside, NY

Bruce was very through and knowledgeable. The report was detailed with
pictures and descriptions.  It was a pleasure to work with Bruce.
Ed, Jericho, NY

I called Bruce three times after we moved into our new home to ask him
questions about the house.  Bruce was very professional, he looked up my
report and answered my questions about the main water shut off, the water
heater and roof.
B. D., Northport, NY

Bruce was very thorough and he answered any questions we had.  He walked us
through everything he was doing and why he was doing it.  We are first-time
home buyers and do not know a lot about the inspection process, and he was
patient in letting us know what had to be done.
Stephanie, Huntington Station, NY

Bruce was so thorough and took his time inspecting every part of our new
home.  Report was clear and easy to follow with excellent pictures for
reference.  Bruce answered all our questions and still remains available to any
future questions. Great service!
Susan and Patrick, Manhasset, NY

The inspection was very thorough! We did not feel that any parts of it were
rushed through. Great eye for detail. The report was sent to us within less than
24 hours.
Alana, Staten Island, NY

Mr. Weller was a professional, very thorough and extremely meticulous with his
report. My husband and I will definitely use him again and recommend him to
anyone looking for a good inspector.
Rob and Norma, St. James, NY

Eagle Eye was completely professional and informative. They helped me
understand any hazards and concerns with the home I wanted to purchase. I was
provided with a full report. I had since bought the house and very glad I used
Eagle Eye.
Robert, Farmingdale, NY

I needed a home inspected and Bruce from Eagle Eye came HIGHLY
recommended! My whole experience during the inspection was INCREDIBLE.
There wasn’t a place in, around, under or on top of that Bruce didn't go! After the
inspection I received a thorough report with a multitude of photos and a hot list
of issues with the house. I didn't purchase the house that Eagle Eye had
inspected. I will surely use Eagle Eye again for my next inspection.
Ray, Bohemia, NY

Very meticulous inspection. Easy to understand report.
Rose, Huntington, NY

The inspection itself was very thorough and informative.
Bruce was wonderful!!
Chasity and Antonio, Bay Shore, NY

Extremely thorough! Took all the time needed and the report was way above and
beyond our expectations. It highlighted every aspect of the house that would or
could need attention.
Michelle and Michael, Manorville, NY

Bruce Weller went over our future home very thoroughly.  The inspection was
done very professionally, and the report had all the necessary information
needed. The report was also sent to us in a very timely manner.  Thank you for
your time and professionalism in our process purchasing our first home.  
Chrissy and Gavin, Kings Park, NY

Bruce was very helpful and repeatedly prompted us for questions or
explanations.  Very thorough and in language a lay person could understand.
Bruce took the time to explain as he went along.
Maurice, Rocky Point, NY

The report was extremely thorough with highlights, pictures and details as well
as being easy to understand.  Bruce provides excellent service. He really takes
his time and makes you feel comfortable by providing you all the information you
need in an inspection. He follows up on a timely basis and is very professional.
We would highly recommend this company.
Trina, Garden City, NY

Bruce was very thorough and was happy to explain any issues while we were
going through the inspection. The report we received was very detailed and the
pictures that were included made it easy to understand. He even followed up by
phone to see if we had any additional questions. We would highly recommend
Bruce Weller in the future.
Keri & Brad, Massapequa, NY

Everything was Perfect I cant imagine it being any better in any way, shape or
form.  Thank you Bruce! For making my dreams come true! Without you the
purchase of my home could not have been possible!
Paul, Levittown, NY

Very thorough inspection. Easy to read report with problems highlighted.  Mr.
Weller was very efficient, quickly did his report, was immediately available, and
followed up with a phone call.
David, Syosset, NY

Friendly, in-depth, and quality service.
Robert, Brentwood, NY

Every little detail was covered and explained.
Christine, Smithtown, NY

Your report was very detailed and I liked the photos that accompanied the
report. It made it very easy to understand and follow the findings.  You do a
great job when explaining to the female gender. Too many times we are treated
as dummies when contractors and such explain things to us.  
Jennifer, North Babylon, NY

All issues were addressed and all questions answered. Bruce made it clear we
can call with any follow up questions. The report was very detailed and
organized. The "bold face" portions make it easy to find those areas that need to
be looked at more closely.
Robert, Bellmore, NY

Bruce was On-time and Professional. The report was detailed and structured so
that a non-engineer could understand it. The service was excellent.
Ken, Levittown, NY

I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a fair & honest
inspection on their home. I had no doubts after the inspection was done that
everything was checked. The color photographs documented perfectly all the
imperfections in the home and the owner was friendly, professional and
obviously cared about his work and reputation.
Theresa, Ronkonkoma, NY

Thanks for your help Bruce.  Your attention to detail on my home inspection
ended up saving me money as it helped me to successfully negotiate the final
Many thanks.  Alan from Bellmore, NY
Bruce Weller
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